Yes!  Upon receiving your paid digital images, you will also get access to a full print release if desired.  You can have your photos printed at any printer you would like. 
However, I cannot guarantee the quality of prints at regular retailers like Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Costco, etc.   These retailers often adjust the coloring and cropping of photos when they print, which will affect the overall look and quality of your portraits. 

You can however order print products through my professional printing lab for high-quality, but still affordable print products, which I will guarantee satisfaction with…
and if unsatisfied, either full refund will be given for these products, or replacements ordered on your behalf at no extra expense to you. 

will we get a print release after our session?

Once your shoot is complete, please allow up 3-4 weeks for photo editing.... 
You will receive a sneak peek within a few days following the shoot.  And you will be notified when your full preview gallery is ready to view for photo selections if you have
not purchased the full session gallery.  There are always opportunities to upgrade too.

What is your editing turn-around time?

Absolutely!   Every photo you pay for & receive will be fully edited with basic color-corrections, sharpening, contrast, etc according to my personal aesthetic as seen in my portfolio on my website…and they are ready to print anywhere you desire.
You may also see a few artistic edits in your gallery like beautiful overlays or B&W editing. Additional in-depth photoshopping or beauty editing is available upon request for
an additional fee.

are all photos we receive fully edited?

I accept payments securely online here on my website, electronic payments via Square,
or cash payments.  If these do not work for you, please contact me to discuss other options.
 No checks are accepted at this time.

WHat payment options do you accept?

WHere are you located?

My small home studio is located in Melissa, Texas....North of Dallas.
 I serve cllients all over the DFW area.  There may be travel fees associated, but I can let you know depending upon the agreed upon shoot location.

what are your hours?

For consultations and other appointment types, my hours are flexible, depending on the day.    I am also available on the weekends.
For an outdoor photoshoot, these are done around 1.5 hours or so before sunset time, so these are always in the evening. 
For Studio Newborn photoshoots, these are scheduled to start between 9-10AM  in my home-studio.  They can last up to 4 hours.
Contact me with your schedule requests, and we will work out a mutual date/time.

do you require a contract & deposit?

Yes!    In order to reserve your  due date in my calendar, and any corresponding appointment dates/times, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit/retainer fee. Payments can be made via cash, or securely through my website.  For other payment options, contact me.  Your contract will be due at the time of booking as well, and will be sent electronically to sign. 

do you have a cancellation policy?

You have the right at any time to cancel your session for any reason.   However, the retainer fee/deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE regardless of the reason for cancellation.   It is, however, transferable to another session should you choose to re-book
within the next 3 months.

Please try to give cancellation notice of at least 24 hours, out of respect for my schedule and time & resources given towards your appointment.  There will be a $100 CANCELLATION FEE applied if you cancel on the day of your appointment.  Often times, I will leave my home 1-2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time for travel and preparation, so please be mindful of this.

In the unlikely event that I am injured, ill, have an extreme emergency that prevents me from being at your appointment or event..... or if severe weather prohibits, I will make every effort to reschedule the appointment if possible, at a mutually convenient time and place.   If we are unable to reschedule, a full refund will be given.


do i have to order prints through you?

I highly recommend ordering prints through my professional printing lab vendors,
but it is not required.  The difference in quality and color accuracy is HUGE when it comes to ordering through a professional lab.   While you are welcome to print elsewhere, I can only guarantee prints through my professional lab, as I am color-calibrated to their system.
 So, if you choose to print elsewhere, do so at your own risk.   Often these smaller retail shops that provide printing will alter the coloring and crops of the images, so I cannot guarantee how they will look in the end.

how do we select a location for our photoshoot?

You are welcome to select your own location for your shoot, or I can provide you with a list of my favorite locations in the Dallas area for you to choose from.    It’s best to look through my images online, and see what catches your idea to help you decide what your style is and what type of location fits that style.

we have small kids, how can we make sure our photoshoot goes smoothly?

Don’t worry!    I am experienced at working with small children, and I am a mom myself.
 The best thing you can do is relax and have fun!   Kids pick up on stress and it can make them less likely to cooperate, so leave the entertaining to me and let your kids just be kids!
 Usually with small children, photos will be less “posey” and more candid.  I cannot guarantee cooperation of your children to provide exact poses, but I will certainly do my best to get you similar images & poses, if any are requested specifically.   
It's always best to bring your children on a full tummy and well rested, as well!

what happens if my child gets sick the day of our scheduled photoshoot?

Life with kids is unexpected and sometimes you get sick!    Please notify me as soon as possible to reschedule your session and I will do my best to work you into my schedule on a later date. However, while I do allow rescheduling for illness, I do not allow cancellations with a refund of your deposit due to illness.

how does booking a newborn session work, when we don't know when the baby will be born?

As babies' birth dates can be unpredictable, your newborn session will be pre-booked based on your due date, and the date will be adjusted if needed as soon as your baby is born.
 I only accept a limited number of expecting moms around the same time frame to avoid overbooking if all my client moms were to deliver at the same time.   To secure your spot on my calendar, I require a signed contract and your non-refundable deposit.

give me more info on how a birth story works?

See my detailed questions/answers provided in the Photography tab, underneath the
Birth Story section.   All information is provided there.   If you do not see what you are looking for, simply send me an email, text, or complete the contact form above!

why hire a birth doula?

Research shows that having a Doula as a part of your birth team helps to reduce  labor complications, c-section rates, and so so so much more!
It's also helpful to have a constant, extra, non-judgmental physical & emotional support
system in place, in addition to your family & other healthcare providers throughout this journey.

who typically uses doulas?

Doulas are not just used by home birth moms, or moms only wanting to have a natural, unmedicated birth.  While these moms DO often have a Doula as a part of their birth team, Doulas are beneficial regardless of where or how you choose to give birth.  Doulas can attend home births, birth center births, hospital births, and even c-section births as additional support.

how do you offer support as a doula?

Doulas offer support in a variety of ways.   "Doula-ing" is the act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for, and assisting a woman in the conception stage, prenatally, in labor, during childbirth, and afterwards during her postpartum stage.
Emotional and physical support is offered to both the expecting mom and her partner through all phases of conception, the pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.  We are there not only to provide comfort measures in labor, but also to ease your anxiety & stress both before, and after this stage.... during infertility, conception, pregnancy, labor & postpartum.

what kind of training do birth doulas have?

Doulas are not medical professionals.  However, they do receive in-depth training of the childbirth process, optimal positioning throughout labor, physical comfort measures to provide while in labor, & basics of breastfeeding and early newborn care.  
There are many additional classes and certifications a doula can receive as well.
Most importantly, a Doula has a passion for birth, heart of service, and love of her clients and their birth experiences.

at what stage in labor do i call my doula?

Most doulas request to be notified once labor signs have begun, in order to start virtual support, until active labor has begun... at which point they would then physically join their clients throughout the remainder of the labor process.
I prefer to join my clients physically a little earlier in the process.  In my experience, you never know if your birth will be the one that goes from 1cm to 10cm in an hour or less.  You never know what other circumstances may arise in early labor, where that extra support and guidance might be of utmost importance to you.  My exact time of arrival will be mutually agreed upon at our prenatal appointments, so that you feel calm, confident, and supported.

what is a fertility doula?

A Fertility Doula is a trained professional who provides preconception support to individuals
and their partners as they follow their path through infertility, to parenthood.
A Fertility Doula brings the same non-medical, non-judgmental informational, emotional, and physical support to her clients during their preconception and fertility journey,
as a Birth Doula does during pregnancy, labor, & birth.

what does a fertility doula do?

A Fertility Doula's support includes evidence-based information on tracking & charting fertility, holistic resources that can help improve your chance of fertility & conception along the way, making sure you & your partner are on the same page in maximizing your fertility window and treatment processes, assisting in navigating your options for medications and reproductive treatment cycles, being a shoulder to lean on in times of confusion/anxiety/stress/joy/sorrow/ and all the highs and lows along your journey, and she can even be a physical support during your fertility appointments should you desire that.
I use a Mind-Body approach to aid in conception as well as helping to navigate the experience with less physical and emotional stress.
I can also provide Pregnancy Loss support.  I understand through my personal and professional experiences, that the infertility journey comes with a wide variety of emotions, stress, and challenges.  For many, after experiencing pregnancy loss, there is a desire to keep this early stage of pregnancy private, but this can leave you also feeling lonely.  With fertility doula support, you don't have to go through any of this alone!

when do i hire a fertility doula?

- When you are first trying to conceive.
- When you feel frustrated after a few months, or even years of trying to conceive, unsuccessfully.
- When you begin to investigate your fertility options.
- When you are navigating your fertility treatments.
- When you experience pregnancy loss, or conception after a loss.
- When you are trying to move through early pregnancy after loss or infertility.

NO MATTER WHERE you are in your journey,
your fertility doula will meet you where you are with empathy,
understanding, knowledge, and full support.

if your question is still unanswered, scroll down to my contact sheet and send me a message!

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